Why Rent With Us?

At Florida Premium Rentacar we offer many benefits and based on our experience makes us think that we are "your best option" when it comes to renting a car here in Miami !! We strive to give a personalized and first-class service, as you deserve. We deliver your car rented personally; Whether at the Airport, at the Hotel or at any South Florida address you indicate. We have a fleet of new cars and all in perfect condition; Assuring you a total and unhurried enjoyment of your business trip or your dream vacation.

We know that when we go to other countries there are many things that worry us; One of them is to find, find and count on a team of people that understands each one of our needs - especially those of the Latin American traveler - that is to say, The language, food, culture, not knowing the city, etc... For all this and more for Florida Premium Rentacar it is of vital importance to solve in large part those details, our goal is to make you more pleasant and Useful your stay.

We're different!! At the time of listing we do not place hidden charges !! We will include ONLY the basics and the necessary for you to TRANQUILLY rent and drive here in miami. We do not take advantage of you and your ignorance of the subject so we do not share the policy of offering a low price like others just to disguise and include insurance and extras the moment you arrive at the counter.

We do not want a customer once, we will do our best to repeat and be a regular customer of our company. We have grown thanks to the recommendations of our clients... Look no further !! LEAVE ME AND LET ME HELP YOU !! Do not waste more time and money... use our service !! We are of excellent quality which results in GAIN for you... we reiterate our help, we are available for you and your family!

Here at Florida Premium Rentacar we have added extras to our service charter such as telephone rental, motorized wheelchairs rentals, transfers to and from ports or other airports, transfers to Orlando and other cities, car rental with driver, rental Of Apartments, etc. All these services have been added thanks to the suggestions of the customers. If you have a question, suggestion or special need, feel free to let it know.

You can count on us WITHOUT PAYMENT for any query or help for: room reservation in hotel or just to recommend a good and exquisite Restaurant, attractions or places of interest and remember when you arrive we will give you our personal telephone number where you can Call us any time of the day.

At Florida Premium Rentacar, we are convinced that hard work and the satisfied customer are the basis for continued growth. Search at Florida Premium!

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