Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Basic Rules

Customer must bring these documents:
  1. Valid Drivers License. It must be valid for the full rental period. We won’t accept copies, provisional or digital drivers liceenses. You will need an International Driver License only if yours is written in other than Latin alphabet. Only drivers 21 or olde will be accepted. An underage fee will be charged to customers 21 to 25 years old.
  2. A Mayor credit card, bearing the same name as the driver (refer to the credit card section for more information)
  3. Proof of insurance if your drivers license is from the US or proof of coverage if using your Credit card insurance.
  4. Gas Policy: Full - Full.
  5. The vehicle must return clean or pay the cleaning fee.
  6. The vehicle can’t go outside the State of Florida limits.
  7. No Smoking policy: we’ll apply a $US500 smoking fee if car is returned with smoke, weed or vapor odor.
NOTE: Local drivers will have 50 miles per day, extra mile will be charged at US$0.25 each. All other drivers will have unlimited milleage inside the State of Florida.


  1. The credit card must have the available funds for the estimated amount of rental charges, plus a deposit of up to US$ 1,000.00.
  2. Unused funds will be returned through the credit card processor after the vehicle is returned. Due to bank processing, a return of funds can take between 7 to 14 business days to appear in the Customers account when using this form of payment.
  3. The address stated on the Renters valid Drivers License will be referenced to determine the Renters primary residence.
  4. We do NOT accept miniature key tag-style credit cards, Prepaid Credit cards, or Credit card without name and number on it.


We don’t accept debit cards for preauthorization purposes.


We don’t accept prepaid cards at car pick up


We accept, cash, Credit, Debit or prepaid cards at the end of the rental to cover extra expenses. Card owner must be present. 


Additional drivers must comply with all conditions as the Driver in terms of age, and documentation. Additional driver fee: US$10 to US$20 per day depending on the season and car type.


The minimum age to driver a family car is 21 years old and 30 for sport cars al Maxivans. Drivers older than 21 but 24 or younger have to pay an underage fee of US$10 to US$25 depending on the season and car type. 


Drivers with US drivers licenses. If you have your own transferible car insurance, you don’t need to purchase additional coverage. Please bring the declaration page. For this purpose we only accept insurnace policies issued in the Continental US. The insurance policy must be a transferible one.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): Florida Premium Rentacar offers to all renters CDW, Collision Damage Waiver, which for an additional daily charge relieves the renter of parcial or all financial responsibility for the loss of, or damage to the rental car, as long as the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms of the Rental Agreement. Cost - US$ 19.00 to US$ 49.99 per rental day depending on the rental season, deductible, vehicle type and rental  Location.

Roadside Assistance (RA): If you purchase our Roadside Service Assistance (RSA) we will waive all or a portion of the cost of a roadside assistance service call up to the amount of US$ 400.00 per incident. You may purchase RA at USD/9.00 per rental day. Benefits include emergency road service towing (within 25 miles of occurrence), winching, jump start, flat tire change, lockout service, and emergency fuel delivery (up to two gallons). Some restrictions apply ask for a copy of an RSA brochure at the rental counter. 

Tire and Windshield Protection (TWP): If you purchase tire and windshield protection, we will waive the cost of replacement for any tire and windshield. You may purchase RSA at USD/12.00 per rental day.


We are open to the public from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm and available upon reservation 24 hors a day. Pick ups and/or Drop-offs after 10:01 pm until 5:59 am will have an after hour fee of US$25 each.


If your reservation was confirmed directly with Florida Premium Rent A Car through our website: www.fprentacar.com, sending an email to info@fprentacar.com or by phone, we could charge a cancellation fee.
If your reservation was confirmed through another provider (booking site, outside source, etc.), please use the same source to cancel your reservation. Some providers (booking site, outside source, etc.) may charge for the cancellation of a reservation if not canceled within a specific time frame. Cancellation of a reservation directly through Florida Premium RentACar  when confirmed through another provider may not relieve your responsibility with that provider. In order to alleviate charges (cancellation fee or penalty), check with the provider and cancel the reservation directly with them.


We expect to receive the car in a normal clean condition, nothing that exceeds the normal use of the car. Excess of dirt, sand, stains or anything that requires a special cleaning will generate a charge  between US$15 and US$500 depending on the removal method. 


Car seats: Children 5 years old or younger require the use of an approved car seat according to Florida State regulations. Car seat are available for Rent at US$5 to US$15 depending on the Car seat type. Car seats must be returned in an acceptable cleaning condition or will generate a cleaning or reposition charge. Customers may bring their own car seat. The Reservation won’t be honored if there are children present without the proper car seat.

Gps: GPS units are available upon demand at a price of US$5 to US$15. Customers are responsible for the return of the unit at an acceptable condition or to replace it with a new one. Florida Premium Rentacar is not responsable if the customer does not know how to operate the unit.

SIM card: T-mobile SIM cards with unlimited Internet and Calls in the US are available upon demand at US$2 to $US6 per day. Florida Premium Rentacar is not responsible for the lack of coverage of the T-mobile net or for Cellphones malfunctions. Customer understands that T-mobile will block any device with unpaid balance.


Our gas policy is Full-Full. Customer will receive the car full of gas and will return it at the same condition. Cars returned without enough gas will generate a refueling charge of US$25 plus the cost of gas. Prepaid gas plans are available upon request.


Our rentals have unlimited mileage inside the state of Florida with the exception of the ones rented by Local Customers (please check the basic rules). Our cars can only be operated within the State of Florida limits. Any car taken outside of the state will generate a US$1,000.00 Out of State Fee.


Unpaid reservations will be held for one hour after the pick up time. We can’t guaranty any particular car model or color.


Your confirmed rental rate applies only to the exact reservation period specified. Returning the vehicle early or keeping the vehicle past the confirmed return date subjects you to a higher daily and/or weekly charge as follows: Early Return : The rate will increase by US$ 30.00 per day not to exceed the estimated total at the time of rental. Later Return : The rate will increase by US$ 30.00 per day each day the vehicle is kept beyond the return date at the time of rental.


If you need more than one reservation for the same or overlapping timeframe, please, make sure to place each reservation to a different name. Overlapping reservations with the same name will generate a cancellation. Florida Premium Rentacar will not be responsible for any cancelled reservation due to duplication.


Pictures of vehicles at our website or at any booking site are merely referencial. Vehicles are assigned by the car type and never by brand  or model and may vary from the mentioned picture. We cant guarantee an specific brand, model or color.


Some airports mandate the charge of an airport or facility fee.


There will be charged a relocation fee for any rental that is returned in any location different from the one it was picked up from.


In order to comply with State regulations, the maximum length of any rental is 31 days. In the case you use your credit card’s insurance, the maximum length will be the one your credit card allows. If your reservation is longer, the two or more Rental agreements will be issued.


You can return the car up to 59 minutes after the return time without charge. After 60 min, extra hours will be charged.


Our cars are absolutely no  smoking. Returning the car with smoke, weed or vapor odor will generate a smoking fee of up o US$500 


You are responsible for the payment of all vehicle parking and moving citations assessed against you or the vehicle during the rental period, including all such citations captured by camera and any related fines, fees, or penalties. If a citation-issuing authority notifies us that we will be liable for any such citation and any related fines, fees, or penalties, you will be charged US$ 50.00. Therefore you understand that you authorize Florida Premium Rentacar to charge your credit card on file.


Our cars are equipped with electronic toll payment devices. There are two available plans. By Use: We will charge the toll cost plus $1 per each toll as an administrative fee. Unlimited Tolls: Only available for rentals of one week or more. Purchasing this plan at a cost of US$10.00 to US$ 25.00 per rental day, allows you to use any toll road in Florida. This price includes the cost of the toll. Therefore you won’t have to pay any tolls after returning the car.